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Man is not Material, He is Spiritual

This week’s Lesson Sermon Subject: Matter

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Morning Prayers

Do not look to matter to tell you your success but look up, for your harvest is right at hand. You know the Father’s love, trust it. Then when you hear a whisper, ‘Now you are a sinner and so and so is your punishment, this suffering is the consequence,’ put it out; put it out. … O! May you feel the touch of the spiritual idea that is the light in your path!

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”), by Mary Baker Eddy, page 204

Discussion points

409 — WATCH that you do not pray to God to come down into Egypt to extricate you from its clutches. A chicken cannot pray for the mother hen to come into the egg to help it to hatch. The mother tenderly watches over it, while it performs its simple part, to peck open the thin shell. God provides us with the ability to reduce so-called intelligent matter to husks, so that we may turn away from it and start on our journey to His house, which is really everpresent Mind. Prayer is our effort to turn away from matter and to draw nigh to Him; then the promise is that He will draw nigh to us. Man’s part is to rise from the objective to the subjective, from the belief of intelligent matter, to the consciousness of Mind as supreme and All; while God’s part is to destroy the false evidence of sin, sickness and death. God says, “My child, if you do your part in rising above matter as having any life, truth, intelligence or substance, I will reward you by taking away all erroneous manifestation.”

Mrs. Eddy once wrote to a student, “Do you find any difficulty in healing? If so, strike for the higher sense of the nothingness of matter.” Also in her first rendering of the spiritual interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer she wrote, “And Truth will destroy sickness, sin and death, as it destroys the belief in intelligent matter.”

You must not believe that the part you have to play is material, which if you do faithfully, God will do the spiritual. It is better to say that God will take care of the material, if you are faithful in doing the spiritual. See Science and Health, 395:6.

— from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter

GOLDEN TEXT: Proverbs 28 : 6

“Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse in his ways, though he be rich.”

Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness than he that is perverse in his ways, though he be rich; or, “in his two ways”, that halts between two ways, or makes use of both; sometimes turns to the one, to the right hand, and sometimes to the other, to the left hand; or that pretends to the one, and walks in the other; would be thought to be a virtuous and religious man, and to walk in the paths of righteousness and truth, when he walks in those of sin and wickedness. And now a poor man that walks evenly and uprightly, according to the word of God and truth of the Gospel, in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord, and in the paths of faith and holiness, is better than he; more honourable, more comfortable, and happy in life.

— Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible

Seeking occupation, we may not find it. Seeking God, occupation is inevitable.

— Bicknell Young

What has not unselfed love achieved for the race? All that ever was accomplished, and more than history has yet recorded.

— from Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 238

Thought will finally be understood and seen in all form, substance, and color, but without material accompaniments.

— from Science and Health, 1910, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 310

“Scientific Translations” from Addresses by Martha Wilcox

Forum posts — “The Scientific Statement of Being” by Louise

Question. — What is the scientific statement of being?

Answer. — There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.

— from Science and Health, 1910, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 468

The material world, at a future date, will become a spectacle of disorder an dismay on one hand, and of science on the other. There will be convulsions of mind and consequently of matter, spasms of error, earthquakes, famine and pestilence. Sickness will become more acute, and death more sudden: but to those who understand this hour, as explained in the science of being, length of days will increase, and harmony and immortality be near, even at the door.

— from Science and Health, First Edition, 1875, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 122

The scientific statement of being, which is great beyond the world’s present comprehension, really means that God is All-in-all because all is the infinite manifestation of infinite Mind. That which expresses God is perfect man and perfect universe. But we have no proof that God is unless He is manifested. Just as we have said that there is no mathematics unless there is a mathematician, or music without a musician, or Christian Science without a Christian Scientist, of what avail God, Mind, without its manifestation? Again, without manifestation, we have no proof that there is a God or Mind. Remember, every detail of your present existence, from the least to the greatest must be seen as declaring I AM.

— from 1951 Association, by Mildred L. LeBlond

First thing in the morning, “before your feet hit the floor”:

God is Mind. God is my mind. God is the only pure Mind.

God is Life. God is my life. God is the only Life.

— Plainfield Roundtable

Final Readings

You may have heard about an experience of mine when I was planning to visit Mrs. Eddy‘s former home in Lynn, Massachusetts not long ago. I‘d never visited any of our Leader‘s former homes before and hadn‘t really had any desire to. I felt closer to my Leader through following her teachings, than through trying to follow any of her human footsteps. But it is important to preserve the accurate history of our Leader. And there was a special tour of some of Mrs. Eddy‘s homes that summer. I made up my mind to visit, but I gave myself one condition to be worthy to visit this home. Mrs. Eddy had taught a number of her classes in this Lynn home and in all of them she had ordered her students to go out and heal someone after she had introduced Christian Science in the class. My feeling was that the only way it would be proper for me to visit this home was to obey our Leader‘s demand to go heal someone. And it wasn‘t fair for one of my existing patients to call me for a healing. It had to be someone locally that I didn‘t know.

I prayed, affirming that the perfection of God was ever-present and ever-operative and that His law or divine Science governs every aspect of being. Everyone exists in God, does His will, expresses all His qualities and can‘t have any life, will or activity separate from Him. But even with this prayer, no local healing opportunities came my way before I got on the train from Boston to Lynn. I had no idea how long the train ride was supposed to take, but we made a couple of quick stops soon after leaving the Boston station and a young couple came in and sat next to me. The husband‘s face was sunburned and he had on sunglasses. I laughed because the previous days there had been a huge rain storm and I asked good-naturedly where he‘d been able to find enough sun in Massachusetts to get such a sunburn! He and his wife laughed too, but then explained that he‘d just recently gotten out of the hospital. A month or two before, they‘d been walking at night in their neighborhood and some kids had come out of the shadows and beaten the man in the head with baseball bats until they had broken many bones in his head. Taking off his glasses, he explained that his one eye had been so badly damaged it could no longer remain stationary in its socket, but rolled around uncontrollably — which I could see.

Immediately I felt horrible about joking with him. Expressing my deep sympathy, I asked if I could pray for him. He and his wife were deeply touched with such a request by a stranger and they gladly assented. I immediately insisted in silent prayer that this evil had never happened and that he was as perfect as God, who made him. This thought took a millisecond. The very next millisecond, the conductor announced the train was stopping in Lynn — my destination! I hadn‘t realized it was so close! I had no time to say anything. I immediately got my luggage together and ran to the exit not to miss the stop. Right after I stepped off the train, it started to pull out of the station. I turned back to wave goodbye to the man and his wife — and noticed with awe and joy that all the red on his face was completely gone and that the eye that had been rolling around in the socket a minute ago was looking straight at me, without any motion! I praised God with my whole heart and thought now I‘d earned the right to see Mrs. Eddy‘s home.

This was one of the quickest healings I‘ve witnessed in my healing practice. It was also one of the simplest. I felt like I almost did nothing. It was just a millisecond recognition that God had already done His work and that His perfect work can never be undone. But it‘s important to remember that healing may be with words, but it‘s never IN words. We need to honestly be trying to live what we know of Christian Science and be faithful to it. All our heart‘s desire to follow our Leader as she follows Christ is involved as well. But even more important than all these things is the recognition that healing is never self-generated or the action of the human mind. ―It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. [Phil. 2:13] Our efforts to heal from the absolute basis of Christian Science is literally God healing the case through us and this healing work has the full weight and authority of His omnipotence behind it. SO EVERYONE CAN HEAL LIKE THIS! It‘s the same God that heals through everyone‘s practice, as long as they‘re recognizing the absolute truth of perfect God and perfect man and seeking to honestly apply it in their lives.

— by Mark Ruble, C.S.B.

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