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Morning Prayers

PRAYER FOR ONESELF – I thank Thee, Father-Mother God, that neither ignorant, fraudulent, nor malicious mortal mind can reach me, or affect me mcntally, physically, financially, or otherwise; and I know it, for God is the only power; that I am not the victim of aggressive mental suggestion, nor the target of M.A.M. claiming to operate through any channcl whatever, but I am the blessed legal child of God, spiritual, immortal, all-harmonious, perfect, happy, healthy, pure, sinless, free, and fearlcss and diseaseless, and deathless, expressing the substance of all good. … Hold yourself constantly and consciously under God’s eternal law of blessing, of happiness, harmony, health, peace, joy, power, progress, protection, abundance; there is no other law, – only a contrary mortal mind lie which you are awake and alert to, and not under.

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST’S PRAYER – There is no matter and no mortal mind. God is All-in-all. All is harmony, health, holiness. This is the prayer ‘unceasing’ to be used on all occasions and at all times. It lays the axe at the root of unreality, materiality (that forbidden tree) and cuts it down. Preserve a sacred silence on this subject of prayer. Humility is the door, honesty is the way and spirituality is the summit.(Signed, Author of S. & H.)

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”), by Mary Baker Eddy, page 63, 10

Discussion points

306 — WATCH that in your conception of ideas as coming forth from God, you include the realization that they also return to their source. God’s ideas go forth from His fatherhood and return to His motherhood, only as children run home to their mother for comfort and love.

It is helpful to consider that the conceptions which appear to us as matter, are ideas of God that on their way back to Him have become stranded, and need help. It is our task to translate them back into thoughts, and in so doing we help them to return to Mind; then they will no longer appear to be material, finite or limited.

The prodigal was an idea of God that went forth on a journey. He became stranded in Egypt, or effect, and had to be forcibly awakened to the need of returning to cause, or the father’s house. This awakening came through the reduction of Egypt to husks. The holding power of Egypt, or matter, was broken when it became evident that its desirability was but the glamor of mesmerism, spread over a dream that was worthless, and had no objective existence. A statement attributed to Ezra Pound and written in 1910 is pertinent. “Tell me not in mournful wish-wash, life’s a sort of sugared dish-wash.”

Jesus stated that the greater works would come as the result of a return to the Father. An elastic when stretched, returns to its original shape, when you let go of it. Material objects may be defined as ideas of God that came forth from Him, and lost their way, as it were, and need our help. In their journey back to Him, they became static. The material sense of things is merely the stagnation that has overtaken God’s ideas on their journey home.

It is when through suffering and disillusionment, mortals tire of Egypt and its tinsel pleasures, that they are ready to resume the journey home. The denial of the reality of matter enables us to resume our spiritual progress home, in the orbit that takes us and all creation back to God.

— from 500 Watching Points by Gilbert Carpenter

Golden Text — ““Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life.” — John 6 : 27

Forum posts — Unreality — October 2nd, 2022

The lesson is, that no matter how affluent the demonstration of an individual Christian Scientist may be, if he stagnates in a selfish and self-centered satisfaction, he is not much better off than as if he had never begun his spiritual journey, since he experiences the same mortal destiny as the rest of humanity.

If several groups of people start for the North pole, those who get within a few hundred miles of the goal are not much better off than those who never started.

If one works for humanity, he establishes a demonstrating thought towards the world that inevitably brings him his reward, as well as fits him to handle the universal claim of animal magnetism directed against him. Any good mental worker, through his desire to bless humanity, is handling the error that may be aimed at himself, and thereby avoids much that those who are not working to bless humanity as a whole do not avoid.

Let us consider a thunderstorm where a Christian Scientist is struck by lightning. You say how can such a one be struck? Here is another Christian Scientist who, seeing the importance of handling the belief of mental causation, is working on the weather for all. Such work is his protection and no stray lightning could hit him. His faithfulness in working on the weather, because he considers such work to be a part of the development of demonstration as well as of spiritual attainment, thereby protects him from the possibility of any weather conditions overthrowing him.

There is no real sacrifice in giving up any part of this human dream, in order to further the Cause, that has for its purpose the freeing of mankind from the bondage of falsity and mortality. In the student’s early experience he gives money, because he does not have anything of greater value in his estimation to give. This represents the greatest self-sacrifice possible, and gauges his interest in the work.

After he has learned the tremendous effectiveness of scientific mental work, however, he realizes that he can give the greater gift of metaphysical argument and declaration. Therefore, the later sacrifice becomes whatever work of this nature he can do. A greater sacrifice than money is always the sacrifice of thinking, doing, giving up that which he would naturally want to think and do, for the sake of demonstrating freedom for humanity.

This sacrifice is not so much the sacrifice of time and money as it is of ease. He must recognize the importance of keeping awake to the obligation of mental work. A thousand and one distractions creep in, unless one organizes his time and mind so that he will do the work in spite of interference. Every Christian Scientist should orient his whole life, so that he will be sure each day to give what he considers to be a right quota of thought and time to this unselfish service.

The students had approximately as much human ability as Mrs. Eddy had when she put aside her natural qualifications, but there was one thing Mrs. Eddy had which they lacked. This was responsible for their inability to follow her to any considerable degree. They did not have the same love for humanity that she did; they did not have the cry of the sick, the sorrowing and the sinner in their ears all the time as she did, while she realized that she had the remedy with which to help them.

She constantly heard the cry of the poor, the sick, the unhappy, the sinner, and out of the wealth and overflow of her demonstration, she ceaselessly fed them, — as Joseph, when he was the custodian of the grain which he had gathered during the seven years of plenty in Egypt, fed the nations who were starving during the seven years of famine. This was the reason for Mrs. Eddy’s growth. Students today do not grow faster because, out of their abundance of spiritual good they do not realize that much of what has been given them was for the purpose of sharing, not withholding. Lack of giving will stultify growth.

Excerpts from Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Precepts by Gilbert Carpenter, Book 1

Click here to play the Hymn: — Hymn 172 from The Christian Science Hymnal, 1932 edition

Chapter 7: “Pond and Purpose”, from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, page 203

Book: see “II. Repaid Pages” found in, Essays and Other Footprints, the “Red Book,” by Mary Baker Eddy

“Money” Addresses, by Martha Wilcox

“Only Good Is Contagious” Love is the Liberator, September 2021

A lady once asked two little boys who were amusing themselves with some beautiful playthings, “Well, boys, these are your treasures, I suppose — your greatest treasures.” “No, ma’am,” said the elder boy, “these are not our treasures, they are our playthings; our treasures are in heaven.” A noble answer from a child. Oh, my congregation, let us treat gold and silver and precious stones as toys, and let us treat moral goodness, spiritual beauty, righteousness of heart, Christlikeness, Godlikeness, as our only treasures worthy the name!

— “Toys Must not be Counted Treasures”, J. O. Davis, from Bible Hub – Sermons

Have a deposit on earth, if you must or can; but let your chief banking be in heaven.

— “Treasures in Heaven”, H. W. Beecher, from Bible Hub – Sermons

“Individual Effort” from, The Christian Science Journal, September 1888, by F. E. Mason

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