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Signs Of The Heart

Come to me, joys of heaven!
Breathe through the summer air
A balm — the long-lost leaven
Dissolving death, despair!
O little heart,
To me thou art
A sign that never can depart.

Come to me, peace on earth!
From out life’s billowy sea, —
A wave of welcome birth, —
The Life that lives in Thee!
O Love divine, This heart of Thine
Is all I need to comfort mine.

Come when the shadows fall,
And night grows deeply dark;
The barren brood, O call
With song of morning lark;
And from above,
Dear heart of Love,
Send us thy white-winged dove.

Originally published in the July 1899 issue of, The Christian Science Journal, by Mary Baker Eddy

Topic:“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” Luke 12:2

Moderator: Thomas from NY

Read page 85 of Revelation Interpreted, by Rev. G. A. Kratzer, 2nd edition

Download or read “The Seven Churches”: From The Christian Science Journal, October 1917 by Caroline Getty

King James Bible:

Science and Health: Chapter 16 “Apocalypse” by Mary Baker Eddy

Revelation of Saint John An Open Book: by Irving Tomlinson

Download or read Study Notes on Revelation here: Compiled by Thomas


  1. What is the lesson found in Vision Two from each seal starting with the third seal ending with the seveneth seal? (Rev. 5:11 – 8:1; Tomlinson, pages 150-166)

Notes from the Discussion

“The Dixon Letter” – A letter sent to Mr. Frederick Dixon, written by Casper B. Dernvery, member of The Academy of Hungary

“The Oil and the Wine”, from Christian Science Journal, April 16, 1921, by Frederick Dixon

“Uncovering Error”, from Christian Science Journal, April 1916, by Clarence W. Chadwick

Book Link – Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, First Edition, 1875 by Mary Baker Glover

Unless a man advances spiritually, he is not scientific; and if he is scientific he must start honestly, and journey some every day; and however long he is in reaching the desired goal, if his honesty be preserved, he will finish his course. Many starting with the letter of science, will omit the Spirit, and make shipwreck of their course. We must not only seek, but strive, or we cannot enter the narrow path of science; for broad is the opposite one of sense that leadeth to destruction, and many go in there at.

— from Science and Health, 1875, First Edition by Mary Baker Glover

Chapter 67 Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps by Gilbert Carpenter

He who persistently keeps his consciousness full of the truth of God’s great love and goodness will always rise above any seeming discords, and error will no longer enslave him. There is not a Christian Scientist to-day who has a tithe of the difficulties that our Leader had to contend with. And she rose above all of hers through her calm and certain knowledge of divine Love’s supremacy and infinitude!

We often recall our Leader’s beautiful words, found on page 24 of her “Poems”:—

“Come to me, peace on earth!
From out life’s billowy sea,—
A wave of welcome birth,—
The Life that lives in Thee!
O Love divine,
This heart of Thine
Is all I need to comfort mine.”

Excerpt from “Freedom” from Christian Science Sentinel, October 3, 1925, bt Charles V. Winn

Book Link Clear and Correct Teachingby Herbert W. Eustace

Hold on to your Life. Let nothing rob you! Rise not by will-power, but rise in exaltation. God loves you, He will not let you fall. The heart is a symbol of Love, and to heal the weak heart we must heal the weak sense of Life and Love. God loves you and you love Him. You are right in the heart of divine Love. You throb with active Love, the animating Principle. Life is never disturbed, never in pain, but pulsates in eternal harmony. These fearing times are only chemicalizations, like a big storm which gathers and breaks, only to leave the atmosphere clear.

— from Essays and Other Footprints, the Red Book, By Mary Baker Eddy, Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Book Essays and Other Footprints, the Red Book, Compiled by Richard F. Oakes

Love is the liberator.

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